GoYin is based on 5,000-year-old Traditional Asian Medicine, or TAM. Its formula combines 20 superfruits, fruits and herbs blended in a way that maximizes nutritional benefits. GoYin promotes healthy energy, mood enhancement and antioxidant power.
Healthy energy, an enhanced mood, and antioxidant power* are three very powerful reasons why people love GoYin.

GoYin follows the strict precepts of TAM in its blending of superfruits, fruits, and herbs in just the right proportions to bring out the true power of each. More than just an array of nutrient-rich ingredients, the GoYin formula achieves “Pei Fang,” an exacting combination that demands the right ingredients be combined in the right amounts and in the right order.

* Formula based on 5,000 years of TAM wisdom
* Blends yin and yang (cooling and warming) superfruits, fruits, and herbs
* Pei Fang formulation ensures benefits of balance

why build a network marketing business with GoYin

6 good reasons:

  1. Tax advantages
  2. No big capital requirement
  3. Low overhead, home-based business
  4. No geographical limitations
  5. No minimum quotas required
  6. No special education or skills needed

As I have studied the company I have come to realize that such concepts integral in my life are also founding principles of GoYin. You can bet that this has caught my attention. I know very deep in my heart that this will be my way to success.

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