Genuine watches are easily distinguishable from ordinary timepieces, having several functionalities. An expensive collectible wristwatch attracts with complications such as the chronograph, moon phase and perpetual calendar. Best of all, they can be found online at attractive prices.

If you are interested in a genuine Rolex wristwatch, then you should definitely check out the Rolex Rare Panama Canal. This is a special edition from the famous producer, also known as the Submariner, presented online by specialized sellers. Authentic Rolex timepieces impress with the 18 karat yellow gold, steel case and automatic movement. You can either choose a new Rolex watch or go for second-hand, barely used genuine watches. No matter which you prefer, you can be certain that you are offered the best quality. Gold/steel buckle, fold clasp and sapphire glass are just few of the features commonly encountered in a Rolex. There is also the black dial, the steel/gold bracelet and the attractive complications: date, center seconds and rotating bezel. Wearing any type of Rolex is a sign of elegance and refinement.

F.P Journe is a world-renowned name in the watch industry. Online, you can find several genuine watches bearing this name, including the exquisite and authentic F.P Journe Octa Calendrier Platinum. This watch is a clear proof of taste, with automatic movements and platinum buckle. Enjoy and leave it as heritage to your son. The F.P Journe watch has silver dial, sapphire glass for extra resistance and Arabic numerals. The bracelet is made from crocodile skin and among the complications you can find panorama date, week day and month hand. Such watches are truly unique items for a collector. If you enjoy watches, then you will certainly adore your F.P Journe platinum wristwatch. It has a transparent case, off-center dial and subsidiary seconds. The dial is plated with 18 karat gold and many people choose this particular watch for the retrograde date indication.

Talking about such grand names it makes you feel little. The truth is that the watch industry is filled with important brands, all offering the highest quality for their products. We are talking about names like Rolex, Patek, F.P Journe and Vacheron Constantin. The Internet presents an equal number of attractive opportunities for all the brands mentioned, including Vacheron Constantin watches. Made from steel with center seconds, these genuine watches are popular items. They come with silver dial and roman numerals, having delicate finishing touches. The bracelet is made from crocodile skin and it has a black color. The winding mechanism is manual and both the strap and the buckle are original.

Cartier offers some of the most incredible genuine watches for the ladies. The case material is stainless steel and the quality offered beyond anyone’s expectations. With quartz movement, steel buckle and fold clasp, Cartier timepieces are ladies’ favorites. They have glass made from sapphire, white dial, roman numerals and steel bracelet. Each Cartier watch is a true jewel that tells times. And in order to confirm that, you have the Chanel White Ceramic watch. They have a diamond dial, ceramic case and they are waterproof for 30 m. The gemstones included, meaning diamonds, are perhaps the greatest quality offered for authentic Chanel watches. Complications include: date, center seconds and rotating bezel. Quality is something you will encounter with every genuine watch, no matter if you prefer Rolex, F.P Journe, Cartier or Vacheron Constantin! Choose a specialized resource and browse through the extensive offers they have for genuine timepieces.

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