Bartending is one of the few jobs that you can make a full time income from a part time job. If you are an outgoing person that likes to be in a social environment, then bartending is worth a look.

It is very easy to become a bartender. There are many schools that teach bartending, and it only takes about two weeks to complete the course. Most bartending schools charge less than $300 and help you find a job.

Bartending is actually very easy. It does take some practice, but most bartenders don’t need to learn an enormous amount of drinks. In actuality, most bartenders make only a dozen or two different kind of drinks. If someone asks for something special, they usually pull out a drink recipe book and make the drink from scratch. While some bartenders know a couple of hundred drinks, the general population only knows about a dozen.

You can make great money being a bartender. Most bartenders work only a couple of days of week; however their income can be huge. It is not uncommon to make $100 or $200 a shift. If you work at a large bar or club, you can easily double that. So if you are looking for a great career opportunity, choose bartending.

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