We see these familiar structures almost everywhere especially in venues where an event expecting a large audience would take place. Bleachers, grandstands, scaffoldings, mobile stages, sound stages, audience risers, stackable seats and barricades are the things we, the audience take for granted, in favor of the celebrities that take center stage. Without them however, and the people providing them, no event could be considered as successful.

These items are the main components of the temporary structure business, among others, that help to complete the perfect effect as desired by the event organizer. Any event will benefit from the use of grandstands and bleachers to provide their audience with comfortable seats and the maximum view.

Brown United has been providing one of the best systems because of it being fast loading and least labor intensive. The people behind it have created a staging system that can be quickly assembled while being able to accommodate the numerous variations requested by clients. They do not hesitate to build products without having any actual orders for it as long as they can see its potential for use in their field.

Bleachers are commonly used to describe the raised, tiered stands flanking amateur public and private sports fields or at other outdoor event venues. Bleac

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