Relationships And Poor Communication

To communicate means to tell about our feelings, and our thoughts. When we communicate, our words may not say precisely what is in our mind, but when somebody takes…

Relationships and the Law of Attraction

Understanding what you don’t want will help you ‘birth’ more clarity about what you do want and your ‘birthed’ clarity becomes your new, clear desire! Notice too, how you feel when you get clear about something. It feels good when we say, “Oh! That’s exactly what I’d like!” This new clarity has now become your desire and that is the first step to manifesting your ideal mate. In my book, Law of Attraction, The Science of Attracting More of What you Want and Less of What You Don’t, I talk about the three step process for Deliberate Attraction. The first step is being able to identify your desire. Now you know how to use the contrast to do just that!

Remember Your Charm Bracelets?

Most little girls have a best friend growing up. Sure, they have other friends, but none that quite compare to their one and only best friend. Do you remember your childhood best friend? Mine was Ava. She lived just three doors down from my house and we became friends from the day she moved onto our street. It wasn’t until a couple of months later, however, that we became best friends. I remember the day we stepped up our friendship from ‘friends’ to ‘best friends’ because it…

Romantic Feelings

Romance, the eternal subject for most of the poets. Romance, the life giving force. Romance, that changes perceptions and romance makes a dull night a night of poetic thoughts. Romance turns an ordinary flower into a lover’s gift to be preserved forever. Romance produces letters that are saved for generations. Romance makes everything look happy and cheerful. Read on…

Romantic Gifts to Show you Care

We all buy gifts for our spouses. These are often gifts given on holidays or special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas. Sometimes we even give gifts to say that we are sorry after an argument. But why not give a gift just because?

Save Your Relationship

So many times relationships start out wonderfully with excitement and joy. Then, belong long, many begin to wonder where the love has gone. This is because they do not know the simple laws of love which are needed to build a relationship upon a foundation that will remain strong. This article describes some of these laws and shows how we have the power to make our relationships right.

Save Your Relationship With A Romantic Getaway

If the cliche familiarity breeds contempt is starting to take shape in your relationship then you might want to try a quick and easy relationship fixer. Get you and you significant other to go to a romantic getaway that will surely get you in the mood for some much needed quality time. Here are some great romantic getaway hotspots that you and your honey can hightail to even for just the weekend.

1. Jersey Shore, New Jersey

New Jersey, highly known for its Beachy Glitz,…