Consumers in the UK are demanding the highest standards and lowest costs for everything, and sometimes in economics quality is reduced to meet the customer demands but could this be happening in the teeth whitening industry?

As more and more specialists come in to any business normally prices are slashed to ensure competitiveness but could this be at the detriment of customer service and satisfaction and this is what is required to ensure the industry maintains customer confidence.

Customers are very fickle and why not? As there is no shortage of suppliers and this creates the fun as businesses fight for business.
In the past few years the rise of the laser teeth whitening industry has been dramatic but many ask whether the results are fact or fiction.

Along with many other forms of beauty treatments and ways to improve your wellbeing and generally make yourself feel better laser teeth treatment is now a popular treatment for many who strive for personal improvement and a whiter smile.

Teeth whitening is now something that many people are having done and is also very popular as people desire their teeth to look like the celebrities and A-list stars like Britney and Simon Cowell who want to look their best but in most cases the stars will have veneers
It won’t improve your health; it’s simply a cosmetic job which lightens the stains on your teeth. So why have your teeth gone stained and yellow? It’s most likely to be due to smoking, drinking coffee, Red wine, tea and cola. Your teeth have pores on the enamel which hold onto these stains and normal every-day brushing isn’t enough to remove the staining and give them the bright white look.

Discoloration can also occur with age. Stains can appear over time from the inside because of excess fluoride and possibly medication. Tooth whitening will deal with the stains which lie on the outside of your teeth and it needs to be done on a regular basis.

Just look at any movie star. If their teeth are as brilliant as diamonds, chances are that they are taking advantage of one of the two laser teeth whitening systems currently available. When you choose to visit your laser teeth whitening specialist then the chances are they will check your teeth for suitability before commencing work to ensure optimum results.
Many famous people like the movie stars will pay a premium for veneers as this gives the white bright smile that lasts without having to change your daily habits that created the stains in the first place. These include nicotine, caffeine, tea, red wine and gravy.

Whatever your view on teeth whitening the hope in the industry is there is a regulatory body that manages the expectations and standards so customers get the very best of both worlds.

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