Agriculture should not be a State subject

CII today organized a Seminar on Reforms in the APMC (Agricultural Produce Market Committee) Act , and its impact in the Southern States. This is an initiative of the Agri Business Sub-Committee, CII-Southern Region.

How To Get Out Of Credit Card Debt Much Faster & Save Lots Of Money – Without Filing For Bankruptcy!

The most important lesson I learned about getting out of debt is that you’ll NEVER get out of debt playing by the rules of your creditors. No matter what they say, they really don’t want you to get out of debt.

After all, the longer it takes you to pay off your debt, the more money they’ll make.

So trust me, you’ll NEVER get out of debt by just making minimum payments. Or by paying ridiculously high interest rates…or by paying late fees, overlimit fees, or any other f…

How to Get Profit from Forex

Forex trading, as one of the leading bazaars worldwide, is a very lucrative prospect and it can bring huge profits to traders. Forex trading can also be very risky, specially to the new inexperienced traders. That is why every trader should trade smart and improve his/her own trading tactic that works and follow it without fail.

How to Have a Great Time Gambling without Losing Your Money

Many people do not go to the casinos expecting to win millions of dollars. They go just for the excitement and the fun of gambling, and only hope of having a good time and maybe not losing all their money. In this article we will cover ways to help you pick games that don’t require too much gambling skill