“Carmen. I want every woman to be mysterious and ardent. I have this urge to be alive. To be somebody. I’m a gypsy by nature. I am Carmen.” (from a conversation with Sophia Grosjman, one of outstanding perfumers in the world).

This answer was expected from Sophia Grosjman, one of the most brilliant and famous contemporary perfumers in the world. She has worked on blockbuster fragrances like Eternity, Tresor, Jaipure, Kashaya and Paris.

Born in Belarus over fifty years ago, she has always had a passion for flowers and scents. Very soon she immigrated to the USA and started to work at IFF as a laboratory technician. Each time she created a new perfume, she experimented it on her husband. She put the perfume on in the middle of the night, and her husband would say: “Can I smell?”
“But the public is what I count on”, she confesses.

Once, she worked on something very sexy, very spiritual; and got into a cab wearing it, the Indian driver said: “I can’t drive”. He loved it. He was ready to give her a longer ride.
There is another interesting story that happened with Sophia Grosjman. When she has finished working on Yves Saint Laurent’s perfume Paris, she sprayed it on her skin at the office before she was on her way home. It was late at night. She felt someone was following her. She started running. He continued to follow her. She kept running, and he was running after her, and then he said: “Please don’t run. I like this perfume!”

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