Screensavers are a fun way to add some personalization to a computer screen. Maybe it’s an image of the perfect vacation or perhaps a family photo to help someone feel close to their family even if they are miles away. In addition, some people use a photo of their favorite pet as a screensaver or other photo that reminds them of something that has a special place in their heart.

There are many ways to get screensavers, including purchasing various images on a CD-Rom. Every new computer is programmed with a few choices, but below are a few additional ways of getting the perfect image for your screensavers…

If you want to use your own personal pictures as screensavers, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. First of all, make sure that you have two or more pictures in a folder on your computer. You can upload pictures from a digital camera or scanner, or copy them from the internet or an e-mail attachment. Using the Control Panel on your computer, click on the ‘Display’ tab. Next, click on the screensavers tab and then click on settings in order to locate the folder containing your pictures.

To see your screensavers in action, click on the ‘Start’ tab in the bottom left hand corner of your computer screen, then click on ‘Control Panel.’ Once there, click on ‘Appearance and Themes’ followed by ‘Display.’ Once you specify which screensavers you want to use, it will automatically start when your computer is idle for the number of minutes specified in the ‘Wait’ command. If you would like to preview your screensavers, click on ‘Preview’ to see how they will appear on your monitor. When you are ready to end the preview, simply move your mouse or press a key on your keyboard.

Screensavers are an excellent way to save on your computer screen and also your energy bill. When the computer is idle for a certain amount of time, the screensavers are designed to pop up while the computer remains out of use. When you wish to rejoin the computer, it’s simple to press a key or move the mouse and the screen that you left will reappear for you to continue work.

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