Knowing your potential business customers.

Knowing who your potential customers are is the most important first step in Dallas search engine optimization. One of the best things is to try to determine what your potential customers will likely search for that will result in them finding you.

Ask Don’t Tell Leadership: When To Start Your Own Business?

When to start your own business?

Q: After working at one company for 10 years, I would like to begin my own business. What issues do I need to consider, and how do I know when it is the right time to take the “big step?”

A: Almost 20 years ago, my roommate asked me to spend a day of my vacation in New York spying on his competition at a tradeshow. I made up a story to tell the vendors at the show — I was planning to start a fundraising call center for politicians and w…

Ask Don’t Tell Leadership: Why Do I Need A Business Plan?

Why you need a business plan!!!

Q: In last week’s column, you gave advice about starting a business, and you kept preaching about writing a business plan. I own a business, I don’t have a plan, and I’m doing just fine. What’s the big deal?

A: How do you know your business is doing “fine” if you do not have a business plan? This is like a runner stating that he is “fast” when asked his running pace. Quality and success cannot be measured without having benchmarks and goa…

How To Create A Successful Business Plan

I am often asked the same two questions. Do I need a business plan? What should I include in my business plan? I am going to answer these questions when writing this article.

Cash Flow – How To Collect 98% Of Business Debts In 28 Days

The most common cause of businesses failing is a lack of cash flow. Cash flow is the money coming in, compared to money going out.

Your business plan will identify where, and when, your major business expenditures occur. These are unlikely times when your income is at a maximum.

Businesses often run into cash flow problems because their customers delay paying their bills, or when their customers cannot pay their bills at all.

Many individuals delay paying bills until…

Creating Breakthroughs

“The world we’ve made, as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far, creates problems we cannot solve at the same level of thinking” – Albert Einstein

Runaway success is never based on incremental improvement. I know this is a very bold statement, but bold statements and even bolder results are what breakthroughs are all about. What about in your company – what would constitute a breakthrough? Would you like to increase overall productivity by 40%? Of course …

How Do I Build A Winning Business Plan? – Part 2

Competitor Analysis – Keep it Real

Failure to identify competitors in your business plan is a warning sign to potential investors that either:- you’ve not done enough research; you haven’t acknowledged the competition you face; or that actually the market is not large enough to support any competition. You’re not going to find anyone to invest in your business if the latter is true.

It is much better if you acknowledge realistic strengths and weaknesses of your closest …

Strategic Importance of Business Plans in Today’s Technological Driven Marketplace

Business Plans are more important than ever in today’s technologically driven internet driven marketplace for your success.
There are essentially only three central tenets that are a part of business plans:
1. A focus on speed in all of its manifestations
2. The integration of the Web into the core of what the company does
3. A focus on how the company adds value for its customers
The old adage never fir better ” Plan Your Work and Workd Your Plan”
To not plan is to severly limit your options and encourage disaster for yourself.

Writing A Business Plan What Makes A Good One

Writing a business plan can be a lot of hard work or it can be great fun. An effective plan can help your company to greatness. A poor one can lead you out of business. No plan is like asking to fail before you even start.

Not every business needs a 200 page bound business plan. However every business needs to have some idea of where they want to go and how they are going to get there. This article covers some key insights into writing a business plan that get your busine…

How to forecast sales more accurately

When it comes to starting a business, entrepreneurs face a number of challenges, not least the issue of whether there is actually a demand for their particular product or service. The more unique the concept, the greater the challenge in predicting future sales levels. However there are a number of methods that can assist you in making better educated guesses when forecasting sales for your goods or service.