Goal Setting Secrets Of The Greatest Achievers

A 7th century Arabian genius once said, “Success is the result of foresight and resolution, foresight depends upon deep thinking and planning, and the most important factor of planning is to keep your secrets to yourself”. The name of this genius was Ali Ibn Abi Thalib, one of the most illustrious, noblest and brilliant leaders of the continent-sweeping Islamic civilisation that was left behind by the Prophet Muhammad.

However, it is not the object of this article to discu…

Psychology Of Success

Do you believe that if you do what other successful people do you will also become successful? You should, because your beliefs become your reality!

There is a song with a line in it that goes: Free your mind, the rest will follow…

That is absolutely correct. Our thinking is the critical factor in how our daily lives turn out. Because you BECOME what you THINK ABOUT most of the time. So think about your goals and how to get them most of the time.

GOALS: It is essenti…

Success Stories—Reliving The Past Helps You Build The Future

One of the exercises that I have many clients do is list out all the successes they’ve had in life. I ask them to start with early childhood and list everything they can remember being successful at. One of my clients recently gave the assignment to his girlfriend. She asked me afterwards what the point was. She hadn’t found it very useful.

What I told her is that that I’ve found that this exercise serves two important services. First, it’s a self esteem booster. Most peop…

How to Eliminate Stress Instantly, Effortlessly In 10 Seconds!

Want to accomplish more without feeling bogged down by stress and self-doubt? It’s easier and faster than you think with a tool-free 10-second method that we all have to our disposition but most of us underutilize every day. This article describes why it “pays well” to reduce your stress.

Your Success: Obtainable or Sustainable?

Is your success obtainable or sustainable? We can all create “moments” of success by obtaining the things that causes us to feel successful in the the short term. True success however, comes from a deep sense of emotional fulfilment that sustains itself.

Know What You Want and Make It Happen!

How is your life and/or your business doing? Is it stagnating, boring, going nowhere? Have you become obsessed with meeting those loan repayments or trying to just survive until the next fistful of money comes in? Are you having trouble maintaining your positive expectancy about life and/or business?

10 Income Streams You Can Add to Your Business (And Increase Your Bottom Line)

In a nutshell, multiple streams of income means your business has more than one way to make money. For instance, you sell products and you sell services. Those are different streams of incomes. But that’s just the beginning. Below are 10 ideas of different income sources you can use to increase your business’s bottom line.

5 Mistakes I made in 2005

Even though I’m pretty happy with how 2005 turned out, there are still some things I wish I had done differently. Here are 5 things I aim to change for 2006.