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An electric blender is useful, especially for drinks like frozen daiquiris and those with ingredients that are not easily combined, but it is not essential To puree fruit, whip cream, or prepare frozen drinks

Eseential Bar Equipment

You really do not have to be a professional bartender to be able to mix original drinks, providing you use the appropriate tools for the job. You will certainly find some of the utensils listed below already in your home,

Whisky UDV

One of the Scotch whisky industry’s greatest secrets sits at the foot of the Ochil Hills. You may notice some warehouses close to the road as you drive past,

When to Use High Heat on Your Barbecue

Its a mystery how some people seem to have the knack for for barbecuing how they always seem to get everything exactly spot on and not like the rest of us who end up burning the sausages. Believe it or not, there is technique involved other than just using the force.

What To Look For When Buying Bar Stools

When shopping for new barstool acquisitions, it’s always good to find reviews and information on the best bar stools, what to look out for when buying your bar stool and how to ensure you get the best quality stool for your money.

What To Consider When Buying A Wooden Bar Stool

Wooden bar stools offer quality what ever location they are in, either in the bar or home. A good bar stool design is one that has a padded seat or removable cushion, as comfort is the name of the game and of course a bar stool that can blend into any back ground or interior.