Meeting Your Online Date

Online dating has risen in popularity over the past five years. But what happens when you meet your date face to face?

Online Dating – Honesty IS The Best Policy

If you’ve never dated online before than it’s difficult to know where to start. Many of our members have told us that the most difficult thing to do is write a profile. It’s hard to write the truth, rather than what you might think the reader wants to see. You need to be honest with yourself, about yourself, and with others.

Anyone Up For A Challenge?

Since the beginning of my blog, I have tried to let my readers into my private life a little at a time, without giving too much away (I really don’t want psychos showing up at my door). For instance, through the blog, you have learned, among other things, that I am a recovering drug addict, that I was homeless less than 10 years ago, that my wife is expecting, and that I live near an extremely small town in Utah (population is less than 400).

All of that aside, the one que…

Top Five Self-Coaching Tips For Internet Businesses

Do new Internet businesses really need the services of a business Coach, even if they can afford it? Being that one of my roles is as an Internet business coach I am somewhat biased and would generally answer “yes” to my own question!

Nonetheless, it is possible to effectively self coach regardless of whether you have a flesh and blood business coach or not.

While a student with the International Coach Academy, I also had a demanding full-time IT career with a major inv…

You Can’t Do Everything First

My granddaddy ran one of the biggest plumbing shops in his town, and when he’d spy one of his men dithering over what to do next, he’d simply say, “Son, you can’t do everything first.” And neither can you or I. If all your options are good, then it doesn’t really matter which one you choose first. Throw a dart if you have to, but move. Make a decision. Get yourself into motion.

Internet pitfalls: dangers of online dating

The Internet is just another way for men and women to meet. On the Internet, you have to be prepared for the added risk of meeting someone who will do hurt to you. This does not mean that you should not take the risk. Of course you can—just keep your eyes as open as your heart.