Leaflet-Label development

A label company is investing in new technology to increase production of leaflet-labels. This investment programme, will increase production speeds, ensuring higher volumes are produced more cost effectively. A new fully integrated printing press will now produce both the label and leaflet in-line. The press incorporates a special die-cut facility which will offer a wide range of previously unavailable leaflet-label shapes including circular formats. The outer label can be produced in four colours whilst the inner leaflet can be printed in any number of colours. Both the label and leaflet are over laminated.

Label Printing Experts Deliver Specialty Products

If one needs little more than the occasional simple address label, they may be able to get by using their desktop PC, a decent printer and some store-bought label stock. Those who want something special, on the other hand, should look for a quality label printing company. Label printing firms can create specialty products to meet virtually any need.

Artwork for Label Printing

If you are just getting involved with label printing or are considering outsourcing your label printing needs to a professional, you have probably already encountered a few industry-specific terms with which you may not be entirely familiar. One such term is “artwork.” Artwork is completely unrelated to your favorite museum pieces and does not necessarily refer to “graphical” elements, either. Let us look at what artwork for label printing is all about.