Body Language, Five Key Ingredients

When making your living in the sales industry, and working with people, it is important to not only get your point across verbally, but you want to allow for your body language to send a clear message as well.

Credit Repair Leads

The benefit of purchasing credit repair leads from an internet company is that the person that needs the credit repair came to a site and found an on line form to fill out specifically to acquire credit repair from a credit repair company.

Definition Of A ‘Lead’

You see headlines all the time about ‘Hot leads’ ‘Fresh Leads’, etc. With this kind of lingo in place, one is likely to get the idea that a ‘lead’ is some sort of baked good.

I’m being silly of course. I’m sure you have some idea of what this term refers to.

A ‘lead’ is an individual who has expressed some initial interest in your product, service, or opportunity. Typically, this interest is displayed in the form of a request for more information; i.e. filling out an op…

Doing Business Online: Get Leads In Real-Time

The advantages of doing business online—regardless of what industry you’re a part of—is the fact that you can enjoy the perks of a round-the-clock business without supervising it simultaneously. You also have the benefits of generating responses in real-time and creating an effective database from where you can store the crucial information in your business.

Real estate, like many other enterprises, relies heavily on the leads to which it can market its product. More than …

Get Leads From Seminars

Whenever a particular interest group, home-related business associations, or any other group set up seminars, they usually go out of their way in order to get sponsorship and the like. While it may seem unlikely that you will get anything out of sponsoring a seminar, think again! Moreover, you can get the most out of a seminar without even sponsoring the event yourself.

Let’s talk of sponsorships in events first. By giving the organizers a required amount of money, you wil…

Modern-Day Postcard Marketing

Postcards have become a highly-effective modern-day marketing tool. Follow these 6 proven postcard marketing tactics and you will generate a flood of traffic to your website, a steady flow of sales leads or any other sales activity you want.

Mortgage Marketing in the 21st Century

For loan officers and mortgage brokers, marketing the benefits of your products to your potential customers is very important to the success of your business. It is also important that you keep up with your competition’s marketing concepts.

Mortgage Marketing With a Blog

One great way for mortgage brokers and loan officers to market the benefits of their products and services is with a Blog.

Secrets Revealed: Triple Your Business With List Building

Keith Wellman teaches you how to multiply your business profits by using email marketing. Email marketing, list building, and lead generation is a big part of business and without it Keith believes businesses will fail. To learn more please visits Keith’s site at

Staying Afloat in Today’s Mortgage Market

As the refinance boom is quickly coming to an end, if not so already in the mortgage industry. It is critical to keep working in order to keep those leads coming your way.