Ceremonial Magic Some Secret sources of Energy

Introduction to Ceremonial Magick
Some Secret sources of Energy:

Individual Power is the energy that resides within you and is emanated from your body. Psychics see this energy as your aura.
Earth Energy is the energy that resides in the spirits.
Divine Force is the energy from devoted the Gods and other Deities or Demons.

“The purpose of magick is to alter the self and the environment according to the will”

The ability to think seems to set us apart from other creatures. And although we are concerned with living in the physical world, we are mental beings. The fact is we are thinking all the time. We plan, we brood, and we get depressed or elated — all of it is thought. But the universe is mental too, and if we could control our thinking we would see magnificent results in the everyday world.

Change Your Mind; Change Your Luck

There is magic and mystery in the power of our mind, body, memories, and energy. Hear this perspective as I recall the power of these changes from earlier life memories and the power it brings to daily life – a radically changed life.

You are Magic

A reminder of who you are and what you are capable of, even though for a moment- you forgot you are magical.

ptical Illusion And Magic

Perhaps, optical illusion and magic are no different from each other for both share the same effects: they amaze and fascinate and deceive the human eye.

A suspecting audience will lose the chance of catching the trick if you are perfectly endowed with sleight of hand skill and interest.

Your eyes can be deceived both by magician’s hand dexterity and apparent psychological persuasion (patter). The apparent patter of a magician combined with quicksilver hand skill is a …

Magic Sir – Seventeen Magic video’s

MagicSir. com features a series of video magic tricks and solutions. I think I counted about 17 different videos on the first six different pages. One included the gimmicked floating card, devised originally by Mike Bornstein.

Magic Ritual Spells, Do They Work?

The kind of magic that is performed in a ritual is done so with the use of spells. Though no one actually knows if it works.

Magicians who perform magic in this form usually make use of a memorized script with the appropriate spell, activity and motions that should be done. Those who practice the occult have claimed that performing this type of magic is a lot more similar to car driving. If the directions are followed appropriately, you could actually get to your destinat…

Magic Cards

Magic has been around for centuries. It has even been associated with medieval times in stories of Merlin and King Arthur, which has made religious people believe that this was evil. And people who knew it and practiced it were considered to be heretics and were burned at the stake.

Now who would ever imagine that magic has now gained a more favorable popularity? With more than a handful of famous magicians amusing innumerable audiences, magic has never been this much lov…

Liability Insurance In Magic Shows Is An Asset

The good old United States of America, whether you admit it or not, is a severely litigation-obsessed society. Basically anyone in this country stands a chance to be sued for any or whatsoever act that is proven to be his or her fault. Arm chair sociologists call it simply as the deep pocket syndrome.

When one is doing public shows, especially the ones that deal with magic, the very best thing anyone could do to stay in the safe side is to buy an insurance for your act. I…