Sarasota Commissioner Under Fire For 2004 Condo Purchase

Most people do not realize the sacrifices that local elected officials make when they accept an elected or appointed city position. For instance being a city commissioner guarantees lack of privacy in your personal life, time taken away from family. All this and you are compensated with very low pay. On top of this, there are watchdogs continually searching for breaches of the ethics code. Seasoned politicians know the best rule of thumb is to err on the side of caution. This…

Marketing Strategies: 3 Mistakes To Watch Out For When Asked, “So What Do You Do?”

OK, so you’re standing in line in the supermarket, or you’re in an elevator, or you’re at a party, or you’re in a networking group. Sooner or later, someone is going to say to you, “So what do you do?”. This is what you want, free publicity so to speak. However, how you handle this question could determine whether this person becomes a prospective client, a prospective referral source or just walks away.

This article exposes the 3 mistakes you could be making and why they …

Marketing Strategies: 3 Simple Steps To Creating Your Ideal Income

Are you interested in creating your ideal income this year? Are you tired of waiting for things to get better? Are you feeling like you have so much more potential than you are currently using?

Imagine for a moment reaching your ideal income this year. What would that look like and feel like? What would you be able to do that you can’t do now?

Ask yourself what are the things you need to be doing right now to manifest that? Do you need to find a way to raise your motiva…

Marketing Strategies: 7 Tips To Becoming A Money Magnet

Did you know that most people block prosperity because of hidden beliefs about money? This article gives you seven tips to create yourself to be a “money magnet”.

Tip 1: Identify your Money Type

According to Deborah Price, author of Money Magic, we all identify with certain money archetypes. For example,when money issues come up, do you bury your head in the sand, like an ostrich? Then most likely your type is called The Innocent. If you’re not The Innocent, you might b…

How To Become A Mortgage Broker And Still Remain Sane

The process of how to become a mortgage broker is not necessarily a difficult one; however, many people get discouraged along the way because they are not aware of the shortcuts that are available to them. If you want to know how to become a mortgage broker and not lose your mind, here are a few simple steps to help guide you along the way.

First of all, you should be aware of the basic process of how to become a mortgage broker. There are certain licensing requirements se…

Free Real Estate Listings

What better way is there to sell your property than through a web site advertising it for free? Investment Assets Properties is taking free submissions right now for luxury properties in any location around the world.

Michigan Realtor offers Full Service Real Estate at 1% Listing Fee

Buying and selling a house in Michigan may not sound like an easy proposition. A number of factors will have to be taken into consideration before even putting a house up for sale or making the right purchase. First, a due diligence of the property has to be carried out by the homeowner as well as the buyer. However, before considering all these, always enlist the services of a Realtor.