Is It An External Agent Or Can Motivation Only Come From Within?

Motivation is thought to be an action from the heart; to be capable of finding it from inside your self and to have the capability to move ahead on a belief is something larger than yourself. It is conceivable for most human beings to become motivated, but not necessarily to be able to motivate themselves.

Whenever the question is asked, does motivation come only from within ourselves or not? We must be able to foresee what it will take for somebody to personally succeed i…

Risk. Have You Had Your Recommended Daily Allowance?

Be careful crossing the street. Chew your food throughly. Don’t do that, you could get hurt.

We are raised to avoid taking risks. How many times in life have you been told to not take risks by your friends and family? As well intentioned as they may be, if you decide to become a full-fledged member of your own destiny, you’d better do a little every now and then.

One of my friends from years gone by started out as a client of mine. He was, at first, a very small client,…

Budgeting For Your Success

An article looking first at the tools you will need to start your own home business based on 3 points.

The Secret to the Rich Jerk’s Success

We’ve all seen this Rich Jerk guy floating around the net claiming he’s worth millions. But how does he do it? What is the secret to the Rich Jerk’s success?

Goal Setting Adds Purpose To Your Online Business

People used to come to my high school and talk about how important it was to have goals. “You have to set realistic but ambitious goals for your life in order to feel fulfilled with life.” I am paraphrasing, of course, because in high school I was a young punk and never paid attention at those assemblies. I was just happy to get out of class. But as I’ve grown and matured, I have begun to realize what they really meant by “goals”. Goal setting can be an essential part of ever…

Write down your goals on paper!

Every person should write down his or her goals. Business goals, personal goals, income goals, and what ever you want to achieve in your life. If you want to achieve something in your life, don’t just think about it. Get a nice piece of paper and write down the goal.