My belief is that when you do something you really enjoy doing and you find a way to help others while doing it, making money is just a natural end result.

However, if you are not yet as confident of the above beliefs as I am, you can always check to see if there’s a demand for the subject you chose in part one before you go any further.

Let’s say that we decided to sell recipes and cookbooks. In which case, we would run a search for words such as: recipes, recipe book, cookbook, cooking, etc. If you don’t find any sites dealing with recipes and cooking and you’d rather not take a chance pursuing that, you can move on to the next choice on your list. If you do find many sites about them, you have established that people are in fact interested in recipes and cookbooks.

The reason I picked Yahoo to search on is this: getting a good listing on Yahoo is not easy. It can also get very expensive. That means, if there are companies who have gone through the trouble of getting good listings on Yahoo, they have probably done so for very good reasons. In other words, there is money to be made with recipes and cookbooks.

While we’re on the subject of ‘doing what you love,’ let me take this opportunity to share something else of importance.

Most new marketers tend to start by selling marketing products. And while there is still money to be made in marketing products, it’s not like it used to be. These days, the competition in the marketing field is fierce and I don’t see it letting up anytime soon.

You will have a much easier time succeeding with non-marketing products. In other words, “niche marketing” – doing what you love, what you enjoy, what you have a passion for.

Let me also point out that I’ve made more money with special-interest ‘niche’ products than with all of my other marketing products combined! And I have quite a few marketing products out there. I hope that gives you some idea of the importance of pursuing a market that you have a love, passion or interest for, instead of going after something that seems to be making other people money.

If you absolutely love marketing and showing others how to market, then by all means sell marketing products. Otherwise, stick with what you enjoy and love, and become the king (or queen) of that niche!

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