It used to be a time where you could get a car sold by just placing a for sale in the rear window. Well, times have changed and the way we use to sell cars have changed also. There are many places online where you can list your used car for sale, but there is one major problem, the expensive listing fees. Some places charge you anywhere from $20 to $50 to run your car ad for 1 month. If you car does not sell, you have just lost a big junk of change that could of have been gas money. However, there is an alternative to these expensive listing fees. 123bidz car classified ads allows you to list your car for free for 2 months. You have the option to set a firm buy now price or you can let users bid on your for top dollar. Sell a car online fast and free without losing cash from the beginning. Getting a car sold locally can be a hassle and sometimes you sell the car under the price you wanted for it. 123bidz has made it easy for buyers to find used cars for sale by owner. Do not wait any longer to list your car. It is free to list and you could  possibly get it sold today.

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