If you want star affiliates in your market to join your affiliate and promote your products, you really have to go out and find them. You can certainly promote your affiliate program on your own website and to get people to sign up, but the best results come when you go out and find your own joint venture partners…and it sounds like you already understand that.

You can find potential partners by finding websites that:

How do you find these people?

How do you approach these people?

The common method of many website owners is to send a mass email to entice the webmaster with the lure of commission. Of course, you should make every effort to get a first name to personalize the email and use your Autoresponder to automatically add their name into your email. Include information like their first name, their website URL and any other personal details you can include.

This method will get you the most partners for the least amount of time and effort. Of course, if there are some websites that you REALLY want to say yes, you will need a more personal touch. Realize that in competitive markets, these webmasters probably receive many joint venture requests and yours might be sent to the trash, along with the rest.

If you want to be taken seriously:

Overall, realize that you’re probably going to get a lot of “Nos” before you get to the “Yesses”. Don’t take it personally because people are busy and they can’t promote every product that comes their way. Just be open to developing relationships as that is the best long-term strategy in finding great JV partners.

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