Could a Retail Merchant Account help your business to grow its operations and expand its client base? Of course it could! That is why you need to know more about this exciting e-commerce opportunity.

A Retail Merchant Account is available only to company owners who have established a solid credit history and a deserving reputation. You will be in good company when you apply for and open a merchant account. Your customers will admire and appreciate your expertise, while competitors may wonder why they haven’t thought of going this route. A merchant services account can open e-commerce doors of opportunity that will advance your enterprise to the next level of sophistication. Don’t be considered an old-fashioned business owner without a sense of purpose or drive. Get your merchant account and let good things start to happen with your business.

A Retail Merchant Account is easy to apply for. Ask your current bank or financial institution where you keep checking or savings accounts, or other financial holdings, about the possibility of applying for a merchant services account. Chances are the underwriter will have this account available, but you may not want to apply there if the terms are not favorable to your business. Some card suppliers impose numerous fees to make the card not particularly attractive. These fees might include memberships, setup, gateway, and even an application fee. Ask before you apply to make sure you can afford this type of account with your current bank or find out where a better deal is offered.

A Retail Merchant Account will let you start accepting credit card payments. Credit cards are a majority of consumers’ preferred way to pay for purchases, so you ought to take advantage of this fact by providing a means of collecting and processing credit card payments at your establishment. Customers expect it and may be disappointed if you don’t offer this option in addition to cash or check. Competitors are already aware of this preference and are banking on it by providing credit card services to customers who might be shopping at your company.

A Retail Merchant Account provides added options of taking credit card payments beyond your store or shop checkout aisle. For example, if you operate a delivery service, you can get approved for a wireless credit card processor that can go along with you for processing payments at the point of sale. Swiping the card offers a cheaper retail rate than calling a customer’s credit card number into a home office for keying and approval. You also may want to get a pager or a processor for e-checks. You could even set up a phone dial-in system where clients can key in a credit card number and expiration date after confirming their name and order to automate orders and cut back on employee assistance, although you should have someone available on a call basis when needed for online glitches or customers’ questions.

Don’t wait until you’ve potentially lost thousands of dollars by neglecting to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Ask your bank or another potential underwriter about a Retail Merchant Account.

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