A business can only grow when it makes more sales and wins the trust of the customers. However often the suppliers of raw materials want payment quickly while you have to sell finished goods to your clients on credit basis where the credit period may range from one to two months. Factoringquotes takes care of all your accounts receivable and by paying the seller of raw materials on your behalf and also paying you your dues from your clients. The company then recovers the dues from your client after the payment arrives. As a result your cash flows are not hampered and also you have money on hand to settle all your dues. Factoringquotes charges commission as a certain percentage from the total amount for rendering its services.

Hence in case of accounts receivable factoring, you may get up to 98% of the outstanding receivables. As a result the company will be able to process all orders and also increase its sales. Factoringquotes handles monetary transactions ranging from $5,000 to $30,000,000 per month. Also when you pay your supplier on time, often you can take advantage of supplier discounts.

You can get all factoring quotes quickly. All you have to do is provide your company details and requirements and within a few hours a representative of the company will get in touch with you. Factoringquotes also assists in other factoring requirements such as small business factoring, construction factoring, export factoring and even cash flow factoring.

Small business factoring proves to be a strong tool for small businesses who have just stepped on the path of progress. This is because a small business may not have the ability to sell goods on credit for 2-3 months as its funds will be locked up in accounts receivable. Factoringquotes comes to the rescue at it takes care of all accounts receivable of the company by providing immediate cash. The site also helps with purchase order financing where it pays for raw materials bought on behalf of the company. As mentioned before, the company stands to gain in the form of seller discounts.

Factoringquotes has also diversified in other types of factoring such as medical factoring of accounts receivables. In this industry the site arranges for funds to be paid to a health care provider on the insurance claims that are frozen in accounts receivable. Then there is also freight bill factoring where the company buys your freight bills and invoices and then gives you advance cash in less than 24 hours. The customers are given an options as to which bills they want to factor. Hence factoringquotes proves to be a cash flow solution for all companies who don’t want their funds blocked for a long period of time.

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