While traveling abroad, especially if you are going to meet a lady you’ve been communicating with for some time, you might consider bringing a few gifts over. Selecting the right things seem like a challenge at first, but let me assure you – it’s not as scary as it seems.General rulesThe first thing to remember is that gifts don’t have to be something excessively expensive. They are meant to be simply symbols of appreciation and something to remember you by. Good ideas for gifts might be some hand-made crafts, something representative of your culture or things that mean something to you personally.It is very common to baseball hats or bring t-shirts. While these are great practical souvenirs, we would advise at least to find out the size of t-shirt/hat the person you are getting them for wears. It will save you from feeling confused when you give an XXL t-shirt to a lady with size 2, for example, and make the recipient feel like they are getting a personalized gift instead of an item fit-for-all.Advanced gift-givingOf course, if you want to go for something more interesting, there is no limit to your imagination. There are plenty of things women like: jewelry, accessories, collectibles, perfume, etc. Things like this could be a great idea to give someone with whom you have a fairly close relationship.If you want to give an extremely pleasant surprise and score some extra points for being a thoughtful and caring man that we all know you are, don’t feel inconvenient or embarrassed to find out about specific preferences of a lady you’re going to visit. One my good friend simply blew his sweetheart away, when he brought her a superb collection of DVDs as a gift. It served a double-purpose: he shortened a wish list of an avid movie collector and gave her an extra chance to practice English. Speaking of: if the woman you’re going to visit is trying to learn English, it might be a good idea to find something to help her do it (some books in simple language, software to help her study, etc.)If you decide to spoil your lady while visiting her, you will also have a plenty of options.For example, while visiting someone’s home, it is common to bring flowers and some sweets/cake with juice/wine. Again, it would be a good idea to ask about a person’s preferences before selecting something.It will add a nice touch to your first date if you bring her flowers.If you are looking to make a specific gift to a person, you could treat her to a session at a beauty parlor. All women like to look good, but not all of them can find time or money to have someone else do their hair, nails, etc. Even if it’s not the case, giving your girl an opportunity to get pampered will be a memorable event for her.Rules to rememberWhatever you are going to bring, make sure it is light and unbreakable in order not to come across with the problem of luggage limits and handling;Do not make gifts a central part of your visit; exercise moderation and focus on getting to know the lady you are meeting, not letting her know the contents of your wallet;Bring a few extra trinkets just in case you make some unexpected acquaintances and want to leave a souvenir for them.In spite of your selection of the gifts, remember: the best gift of all is the honest communication.Good luck!

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