As most of us know there are thousands of affiliate programs on the internet selling all sort of different things.It is a great way for sellers to market their wares, just get affiliates to sell for you and pay them a commission,usually anything from 20% to 50% of the asking price.

It is also a great way for people looking to make money online. Just become affiliates. Becoming an affiliate is usually free and easy to get started and in a lot of cases there is help given by the sellers and of course each seller looks attractive and in a lot of cases we are told “we are the best”…”.we have the highest conversion rates” and any other “advise ” that encourages us to affiliate with them and not their competitors.

The fact is though that a lot of products from sellers are just not up to standard of making money for us,the affiliates;sure we get a sale here and there ,but to be a successful affiliate we need a lot of sales.

For the person looking to become an affiliate for the first time and indeed for those of us that are not as successful as we first thought we might be, it can be a real challenge selecting
the person or company to affiliate with.We must look for honesty,do they pay on a regular basis?,does their product sell well?Do they have good coversion rates? What is their cancellation rate?and most importantly,what percentage commission do they pay? those are probably the most important details we should know at the outset of our investigations.

There is a website where a lot of thought and research has gone into telling us some of the affiliate sites that …without any doubt what they say they do. Each and everyone of them are hugh moneymakers in there own right. On looking at the site we will find that most of them are from the most successful operators online today.Operators that as sellers are making millions per year and the affiliates are in a lot of cases making thousands per month.

If you want to make a little extra money per week. If you want to make a lot of money per week or if you want to become a very successful affiliate making thousands per month this website is a good place to begin. It is not a big flashing or noisy site ..but it IS one of the best I have seen for straight talking advise that we as affiliates need whether we are just starting out or whether we are older hands that are not making the success we thought we might. To be a success we MUST get with the STRENGTH…we MUST affiliate with the programs that… DO WHAT THEY SAY THEY DO.

Thank you for reading this article,I hope you have gained some information that allows you to become successful in this potentially lucrative and easy to operate business.

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