Whether you are a professional or a student or a desperate housewife who would always try to cook the breakfast at the right time for her husband; your MORNING determines how you would spend the whole day. A healthy morning makes your day more energetic and keeps you out of being groggy through out. So it would really be a great fun to type down something on this topic and share some insights. I was pondering over the topic and wondering where to start exactly and got stuck by a blog “Alarm clocks are bad. How to wake up and feel better” suddenly while searching through Google. Fantastic topic and I would certainly love to spend some minutes on topics like this one. The very first few lines, “Waking up abruptly by the sound of an alarm clock is an inherently unnatural thing to do. Sometimes you can wake up after 8 hours and feel like crap. Other times, you can wake up after 6 hours and feel completely rested. The problem lies in what you’re doing when you’re suddenly woken up from your slumber…” [Quoted from veenix.blogspot.com]

Really the traditional alarm clocks are the nothing but the most disturbing instruments that ever can be kept beside your bed. If we dig out every psychological problem due to abrupt morning sessions, I would say in most cases we would discover this crap as the one of the possible reasons. But this is my personal assumption and no one should be so much decisive about the fact or opinion imparted above as everyone has his/her right to speak. The more general approach would be that not all alarm clocks are bad enough. Technology has advanced a lot and lot of research and development put into this and as a result some great and innovative products have come out to the market. Alarm clocks with radio from brands like Jwin, Jensen, Cobra, ConairPhone and some other brands are really pretty popular among folks. These alarm radios are not only popular for their trendy look and multifunctional features, but also for their innovative technology. Let’s draw a comparison in between traditional alarm clocks and these advanced alarm clocks with other useful attachments.

Traditional clocks have not been so helpful only because of their harsh sound. You need to set the alarm before going into bed; otherwise you may get up late in the morning. I still have one such traditional alarm clock that is still capable enough to scream all through morning. But I’ve replaced that one with a new alarm radio and kept that in my collection closet. On the other hand these new generation alarm clocks are very useful and worthy to keep beside the bed lamp. Alarm clocks with radio can let you tune in to the radio instead of harsh buzzer. Just set your radio with low volume that you would expect enough to wake you up as well as not that harsh and go to your bed without being worried about your delayed get up. Another significant fact is, DO NOT follow anybody blindly. You understand yourself and your activities better than anybody else. So it would be advisable to consult with your doctor for better tips and consult with an alarm clock expert would be very useful. After all it’s the Good Sleep that Matters to us. Here follows some information that can let you buy some great alarm clocks with radio, phone, projector, DVD player and many more at better price. Visit BlueBearToys store at your locality or log on to our website for thousands of great alarm clocks products with exciting price range that enables you saving up to 50% on your purchase.

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