This year the Eurocon was hold in Copenhagen, Denmark – the Eurocon is the official yearly sci-fi convention of the European Science-Fiction Society (ESFS).

The ESFS founded a few prize to the best European persons in the sci-fi field – best author, best promoter, best translator, best artist, best publisher, best magazine. The best author of 2007 is a Hungarian sci-fi writer, Sándor Szélesi, who has almost 25 novels and a lot of short stories – mostly published in Hungary.

The 38 years old sci-fi, fantasy and thriller writer has an author name – he is publishing his books as Anthony Sheenard. (Most Hungarian authors forced to use English names by the publishers.)

He was the editor of a Hungarian sci-fi magazine called Átjáró (~Gateway), and a lot of his short stories are published by the Galaktika, which is the most famous Hungarian SF magazine.

His first fantasy novel was published at the Cherubion Press in 1994. His first SF novel, The Settlers was published in 1997, and was later awarded the Zsoldos Péter Award as the year’s best Hungarian SF novel.

Sándor Szélesi also wrote mystical historical novels and thrillers, and two volumes containing collections from his 70 short stories have also seen the light of day.

At the moment he is working as a script writer in a Hungarian television series.

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