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Photo restoration is the practice of restoring a photograph which has been spoiled or exaggerated by age.

Photo restoration may be effective in removing or masking the following defects:

1.Staining (such as yellowing) of the photographic document due to age and chemical reactions
2.Dust and hair observable on the photograph
3.Spots caused by bacteria or mold
4.Scratches or tears on the print
5.Discoloration of the publish due to fading

Playing around with the brightness and contrast controls will give a better restoration of photos. A lot of old photos are too contrast(y). Others are badly faded and can help from being darkened a little, or adding a bit of distinction. Really damaged photos that have a bad wrinkle or tear across the face can be moderately tricky, but if you are a bit creative, you can typically recover the image quite a bit.

  1. Protect what’s left
  2. Get it restored
  3. Get two copies to avoid repetition of restoration process.
  4. Share/Store the photos online

Photo Restorations can be done at FIREIA. Coming soon- Art section with online auction and Indie music and Gig(g) section.



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