When I got a high-powered telescope, however, It really opened up the night sky for me. The sites were beautiful, and it further enhance the wonder that I had always felt while gazing up at the heavens at night. I would spend hours during long summer evenings, gazing up at the Milky Way and just wondering about what might lie out there for the human race.

When One of my friends suggested that I try getting an astronomical binocular set, I figured that it would be a step down. Astronomical binoculars, after all, are rarely as powerful as a telescope. There are a couple reasons for this. The main one is that, at a high rate of magnification, it is much easier to look through one lens than two. Properly calibrating and adjusting an astronomical binocular can be a very difficult task. This is why your average set is pretty low powered. It certainly won’t compare with a high-powered telescope, but it does have some great advantages over one.

One of the greatest advantages is sense of perspective. I had thought that an astronomical binocular would not allow you to see faraway objects in three dimensions, but it does seem to make things pop out a little bit more. The resolution is not bad, and my telescope binoculars are more portable than my telescope. In addition, I can also use them for looking at things at ground level, where having a three dimensional view is more useful.

The greatest thing about the astronomical binocular set, however, Is the feeling of immersion that it gives. After you have been using a telescope for a while, you often forget that you have one eye closed. Everything feels very natural, and your perspective becomes firmly immersed in the heavens. When you put down your telescope for an astronomical binocular pair, however, you realize immediately the advantages of being able to see with both the eyes. Because your entire visual field is engaged, it is easier for your brain to process the information in front of it, resulting in sharper, more memorable viewings.

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