Avnex Music Morpher Gold 3.0 – A Closer Look

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Of all the features in Avnex Music Morpher Gold 3.0, the Editor contains a truly impressive collection of powerful and versatile audio tools. Let’s take an in-depth look at the various effects and filters built-in to this program. While most of them can be accessed on the fly in the Music Player and applied real time, these effects are only active during playback. To permanently alter your audio files you have to open them within the editor. You can work with one file or multiple files in multi-session mode.

What you can do. The selection is seemingly endless. There are 60 major filters and effects to work with. Plus support for Direct X and VST. That’s just the surface; let’s take a detailed look at the power contained within these modules. If you are familiar with basic audio terms, most of these modules will be familiar to you, but you may not have encountered such depth and precision available to you in one program. Here’s the detailed list of the AVnex Music Morpher Effects Library:

Voice Morphing
o Cher Modification – 10 presets 8 controls
o Frequency Morpher – 11 presets and a graphic interface
o Robot Voice – 9 presets 2 sliders
o Root Formant Mover – 8 presets 2 sliders
o Tempo Morpher – 11 presets one slider
o Voice LPC Pitch Changer – 6 presets one slider
o Voice Morpher – 16 presets 3 sliders
o Voice Extractor – 3 presets7 sliders
o Voice Remover – 3 presets 4 sliders
o Voice Extractor – 5 sliders
o Voice Remover – 5 sliders



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