As my direct sales business has grown over the past couple of years, I’ve had seasons where my life has been completely out of balance… it’s then when I have to pull back and reflect and get some perspective on life… including my home business.

A while ago, my daughters and I were out running errands… the usual mega-store run for everything you’ve ever needed or not in bulk, off to deliver an order to a friend and then back home again. We live in a small town and anytime we want to go ANYWHERE outside of our lovely town we have to drive through a beautiful community of horse farms and grand estates.

One horse farm along our usual route is magnificent…rolling hills, lush green grass, beautiful white fence. Each spring the mares and babies are out on the pasture by the road where we drive. I have to be careful when we pass by because we’re all ooooing and aaaahing – people in the cars behind me get mad because I slow down, people in front of me better not slow down because I’m not watching the road and I might rear end them… something about a colt running along side it’s mamma… breathtaking.

What does this have to do with doing a direct sales business? Not much really… except to say that there IS more to life than the business And sometimes you need to stop and watch the horses. It’s amazing – I can be driving along that country road and have my mind completely focused on what I need to do for my business… where I need to be, what I need to get, who I need to call… so much so sometimes that I don’t even hear the kids asking me a question as I’m driving. But when I get to the farm and I hear the kids say, “Oh oh oh.. mom look there’s a baby running”… immediately all the brain rush shuts off and I gaze and admire and remember there are other things to think about.

I am passionate about direct sales. But the reason I’m passionate is because of what I believe it can DO for the women (and men too) that are in the field. Unfortunately I hear of too many women (sorry guys, that’s the majority in our field) who spend too much time NOT taking time to watch the horses… those moments of quiet rest, to reflect on life rather than business.

I guess it’s all about balance. This is nothing new to you I know. So find your horse farm… and enjoy the moment… but remember to keep part of an eye on the car in front of you just in case!

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