On your WEB site, the internautes can ask assistance from an agent by clicking on the “chat” button, for instance. From that moment, the agent invites the client to a private demonstration by e-mailing or sending via Skype an invitation by a click or simply by showing an icon for a direct connection to a meeting room. Voice is broadcasted by telephone or even through Skype. As usual, the meeting room’s customization with your logo and an adapted screen saver creates a friendly environment. When the agents are absent or outside the working hours, clients might consult, in broadcast, pre recorded assistance capsules. In fact, the list of available video clips might be displayed on the WEB page, in the main entrance to the meeting room.

When doing a private demonstration, Conferenceware’s mainly used functionality is the screen sharing. It is used to make a software demonstration or sharing documents. Also, the presenter may send files and even a WEB page. If the need arises, another presenter, like a specialized technician, could join the WEBconference. Even more, a participant that may download on his/hers PC the Conferenceware trial software, could share his/hers own screen with an agent that could detect an error while manipulating it. At the end of a session, the client might be asked to share his/hers level of satisfaction by the means of a question addressed on that regard.

Follow up
The systematic recording of service WEBconferences and the possibility of editing its contents, with the objective of only saving the relevant segments, contributes to the constitution of an audio visual knowledge base. This is the first material of a training program in eLearning for your own agents along with a contextual help capsules library, on self-service. Thanks to the reports, the person responsible for the service might follow, daily, the client’s level and mobilize his/hers team on a continuing improvement dynamics.

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