The traded endowment market exists because over 100,000 people each year decide to sell endowment policy or surrender endowment.

Most endowment life insurance policies were originally taken out for 25 years, but the majority of policyholders never wait until maturity for cashing in endowment and surrender them. In many cases, the endowment policy surrender values offered by insurance companies are less than the market value. In addition, investors are keen to buy traded endowment policies as part of their investment portfolios. The market exists because there are people willing to endowment cash in and people wanting to buy them for investment purposes.

In 2003, the government estimated that about eight in ten of the endowment policies then in force were unlikely to pay off the mortgages they were taken out for. Since then, nearly 70% of those facing a shortfall have re-mortgaged, sought financial advice or applied for compensation. However, about 700,000 people had still done nothing about their endowment shortfall. The general rule is that, people must complain within three years of receiving their first “red letter” – outlining a likely shortfall – from their insurance company or lender. Under industry rules, insurers are allowed to ignore complaints made after the time bar comes into play. Specialists say that, ‘2013 will be the peak year for endowments reaching maturity’. Nevertheless, endowment life insurance policyholders now can imagine the future awaiting them and selling endowment policies on time is the best option ahead.

The endowment policy selling process starts when the owner contacts with the TEP brokers. The details are forwarded to the trader who will endeavor to beat the current endowment surrender value. This service is completely free of charge and there is no obligation if you log on to

Every offer made by Best Price, to sell your endowments, will be higher than the current endowment surrender value offered by the respective life office. If you decide to accept the offer, you simply need to complete the acceptance form and return it to them.

After receiving your offer acceptance letter, they approach the life office to clarify the policy details. The endowment policy buyer then looks to place the policy into a portfolio with other policies. There can be anywhere between 5 and 300 policies in a single portfolio. As soon as the endowment policy is reserved into a portfolio, they will look to complete the sale as soon as possible. The Endowment selling process is as simple and secured as that if you contact an F.S.A (Financial Services Authority) authorized and regulated organisation like Integrity Financial Solutions Ltd.

For further details or selling endowment, one may contact Integrity Financial Services. Phone: 08701 287 330/1/3
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