This was all so, so unfair for poor Rula. Many will now probably remember her career for two things; Rock Follies and this TV Folly. Rock Follies was arguably the start of her career in the public eye and this TV Folly looks like being the end of it. Pray for a cat-food commercial, Rula! In fairness, though what a nightmare she must have found herself in – a 57-year-old, clearly past her physical best, finding herself in the company of a Mata Hari (Faria), a Daisy Duke (Chantelle), Britain’s Primo Slapper (Jodie) and, to cap it all, Baywatch Babe Traci! Most woman well past a certain age would bridle at the thought of competing with any of them, poor Rula had to take on the lot and she lost, in spades. I thought George Galloway was right in his comments after she did that ludicrous striptease – she was, indeed, trying too hard. Who wouldn’t have their confidence rocked? The brave face she put on arguably wasn’t the best one either. Go to bed with a countess, wake up with a count. I choose my words very carefully here! Gee, I’d rather go to bed with Pete – at least he looks the same in the mornings as he does last thing at night!

Chantelle Houghton
A (not quite) singing version of Jade Goody.

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