Important outdoor events require only the best systems and equipments. Religious crusades, music festivals, sports events and concerts are just some of the reasons why certain specialized structures may be needed. Bleachers and grandstands, along with scaffoldings, touring and concert roofs, mobile stages, seating barricades and audience risers are two of the main necessities of a well-appreciated event.

Bleachers refer to the raised, tiered stands found at sports fields or other spectator events. Bleacher structures consist of long rows of benches often with alternating steps and seats. A bleacher may vary in size and may be permanently placed or mobile. Mobile bleachers and portable bleachers can be moved around an event area to maximize occupancy and efficiency that will best serve the purpose of the occasion. Bleacher seating is no longer limited to a single option as bleacher and grandstand systems overcome special terrain concerns.

A grandstand is a large and often permanent structure for seating spectators. A permanent grandstand is essentially like a single section of a stadium except that it does not wrap all or most of the way around. Grandstands may or may not have bench seating since individual chairs are usually used. What characterizes a grandstand is that it is often multi-tiered, covered with a roof and open on the front. Mobile grandstands as well as portable grandstands can now easily be set up as the need for them arises.

The temporary structure industry has made it possible to provide the sporting and entertainment industry the customized feel for each and every event in a much shorter period of time. Permanent

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