Sporting a manly ring can boost any man’s confidence. Army rings, military rings, and navy rings are among men’s top choices. There is nothing like the power and authority (even imaginary) associated with what these rings represent that is appealing to most men. However, all rings are not created equal. The market is flooded with rings that are of low quality. So before investing your cash in these flimsy imitations, here are a few things to look and ask for in buying an authentic, classic ring.

Quality products are made from quality materials. Before being blinded by a ring’s gold sheen ask if that ring is made from solid gold. Be wary because some manufacturers use cheaper metals such as brass. The finished rings are then given a thin gold plating. Cheaper price for the same look right? Be careful though because platings are easily scratched and prone to wearing off. Over time, your golden ring will have a mottled appearance of patches of gold and brass. Since you are buying army rings, military rings, and navy rings for their powerful appeal, buy one whose appeal would last. Classic rings are made of solid gold. Meaning, the price you pay for them is worth it since they will last long. Their value as an investment would also fetch higher rates as time passes.

Classic army rings, military rings, and navy rings are characterized by having solid backs. They are not hollow like the cheaper rings. The classic rings’ solid backs also gives them substantial weight to resist pressure. They are made for longer wear because the risk for crushing them when bumped, or any deformity is minimal to almost none. They are also less likely to irritate your skin than rings that were hollowed out. Classic rings are also more comfortable because of their solid back structure. Better or even perfect fit is guaranteed because classic rings are largely custom made.

Cheaper rings are mass produced unlike classic rings. As a result they have pits, uneven surfaces, and ugly marks. On the other hand, classic rings are hand crafted. This means that there is more attention given to details. Finishing is done by a master polisher. The rings, especially the army rings, military rings, and navy rings are carefully polished to give them depth and bring out their classic beauty.

In the final analysis, cheaper army rings, military rings, and navy rings are only good if you don’t intend to keep and wear them for long. However, if investment, quality, and long-term use are what you had in mind, forego buying cheap rings. It would be better for your finances and worth your investment to buy classic rings. After all, when it comes down to it, classic rings have the best value and quality worth their price.

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