Just what is an LLC? Here’s a definition from Lectric Law Library’s Lexicon:

A business structure that is a hybrid of a partnership and a corporation. Its owners are shielded from personal liability and all profits and losses pass directly to the owners without taxation of the entity itself.

What should you now before joining in an LLC?

Forming a limited liability company is more complex than forming a partnership, but is less complicated than forming and operating a corporation. Forming a limited liability company is a formal process.

In a limited liability company, a member’s legal liability is limited to his or her investment in the business. Generally, a member’s personal assets are not at risk, but a member’s personal assets may be at risk if any of the following occurs:

· A member personally guarantees a business debt.
· The form of business is found to be a sham (not properly formed or maintained).
· A member becomes personally liable as a result of his or her own acts or conduct.

Having said that, here are a few links to sites where you can find help for your incorporation or where you can incorporate.


Among the packages and services you can find at Executive Solutions is the opportunity to create a basic Nevada corporation. In doing so, you are afforded a Nevada certificate of incorporation, the preparations that create that certificate, a resident agent, and an SS-4 form to get your EIN. Also, you can find the options to create your own LLC. Both the LLC option and the Nevada corporation option come in premium editions, where you pay a bit more but receive a lot more.


Companies Incorporated offers incorporation services in all 50 States. Whether you are incorporating or forming an LLC, Companies Incorporated is the premier online incorporator. We’re located in Southern California extending our relationships with Secretary of State Offices, nationwide. If you are Incorporating in California, or any other state, we have walk in services available; California Incorporation has never been easier or safer. Incorporating in California can also be expedited by covering additional state of California incorporation fees. So, Incorporating in California is a breeze when you choose us as your Incorporating agency. So, when you incorporate online, or are incorporating in California, or any of the 50 US states, you can trust the experience that Companies Incorporated has offered since 1977.


GEC Corporate Services, LLC, is a professional services organization specializing in nation-wide research, document retrieval, filing and managing all of your Corporate and Uniform Commercial Code requirements. It is a member of the National Registered Agents Inc. (NRAI) Affiliate Network. NRAI is the preferred provider for Fortune 500 companies to start-up businesses. NRAI provides the highest quality professional service at a very affordable price.


Founded in 1899 by the architects of Delaware’s corporate laws, The Company Corporation has the tools and know-how to make starting and running a business easy and affordable. With more than 100 years of experience, TCC provides a nationwide network, a Delaware-based call center and a wide variety of corporate services. The Company Corporation has the expertise you can trust — one out of every seven new corporations in the United States turns to us for help in forming their new business.

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