If you can listen well and type with a minimum of errors, you can become a transcriptionist. General transcription offers anyone proficient with their computer keyboard with the opportunity to build a successful and profitable business career as a transcriptionist. General transcription is simply typing information that you hear from an audio file into a text format.
The best part of this is that there is no special training required to become a transcriptionist. A good listening and typing skill is good enough to start. It is also important that you are able to follow instructions well, as a client will specify what exactly they want. They may have a chosen format for the text that you have to create.
The equipments you need to become a transcriptionist are-

  1. computer with high speed internet connection
  2. Word processing software
  3. a pair of good head phones
  4. Foot pedal to control the speed
  5. Other software that will help you in transcribing.
    Other than typing skill, you may need some common talent such as-
  6. Ability to apply common sense- Sometimes you may not understand some words or phrases in the dictation, there you have to figure out what the speaker tries to say.
  7. Good communication skills-For marketing your business and dealing with clients, communication is very important.
  8. Professionalism-You should be very much professional while dealing with clients.
  9. Knowledge in English-For spell check and grammar, you should have good grasp of English language.
  10. Perfectionist-This quality of yours will help in editing to ensure fewer mistakes.
  11. Good organizational skill-It is better to stay organized to handle your clients.
    There is a large demand for general transcription services and this presents an unusual opportunity for those who are interested in this business. If you like to type and have a knack in computer, a transcription business would be a good choice for you. You have the flexibility of your working schedule and you can be your own boss.

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