The dunk tank is one that can be made of plexy glass or that can be made of glass. No matter what the walls of your choice dunking tank are going to be made of you want to be sure to clean and dry out the dunk tank before putting it away each time. As you put the dunking tank away every season, if you have it dry and moisture free, it is not going to crack in the cold, and it will not rust where there may be any metal on it.

The dunking tank is one that can come apart to be stored in pieces that are flat, or perhaps you want to keep it al together and put it away as a box. Without tearing the dunking tank apart, all you have to do is put it in a closet, and close the door until next year when you want to get it back out for a bit of fun again.

If you have an act that you put on for children or for parties, you can use a dunk tank as part of the act if you like. The dunk tank can be filled with all types of things. For small children, colored water is going to be best, or it could be sand, or small colored balls. For those who are a little older, water, oil, jello or even something that is yucky like spaghetti sauce or noodles could fill the dunk tank. For those who are looking for real excitement, you can fill it with snakes, worms, and mud, something that looks like blood and guts or manure. These are ideas that are along the fear factor theme, and you can use them to raise lots of money or cause all types of laughter at the party you are holding.

Where can you purchase a dunk tank?

A dunk tank can be purchased online or offline, or you can also find all types of plans to build one on your own. If you want to purchase a dunk tank online, look for the measurements, and be sure that you know how big a tank you are getting, what accessories (such as the balls) are included, and how much freight will be to get it to your house. If you are looking to save a little money, and you are handy in building things, you can purchase the plans with a few accessories online, and then build a dunk tank yourself.

It will take a few hours, and a bit of money, but you can build a dunk tank that will be similar to what you can purchase online. The dunk tank that you build may be a little smaller, a little bigger or a little more colorful, but the end result is that you are going to put something together that is going to be fun for all that come to use, know and get dunked in that tank!

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