With the introduction of printing ink cartridge in 1984, the task of printing has become more easy and reliable. Previously to 1984, ink delivery systems were used, which involved it’s own inconveniences. With world advancing everyday, now the printing industries have developed new ink delivery technique that includes black and white documents as well as color graphics and photos printing.

With the invention of printing cartridge, it is very easy to print on different sizes and types of papers, fabrics and films. These printers were used in schools, business showrooms and even for homely purposes. When printing cartridge is used, each cartridge is given its specific identifying number and lists of model number of each printer in which the cartridge can be used.

Types of refilled printing cartridges

There are two types of refilled cartridges that are used in homes and offices:

Remanufactured cartridge – this is an original printer ink cartridge that is outfitted with ink and new parts. It is tested before it is being placed in the market to be re-sold. The life span of this cartridge is same as the original and they can be safely used in all the printers.

Compatible cartridge – it is a type of cartridge that is built with the same specifications as those of an original manufacturer but is available as generally cheaper than the original.

These printing cartridges come in kits that include bottles of ink, a bottle of cleaning solutions, a 2-part syringe and user’s manuals.

How to refill your cartridges?

Cartridges can be filled in the printer in two possible ways. You can either refill with low-priced kits that allow you to refill your own cartridge.

You can buy a refilled cartridge from a manufacturer and include methods like drilling, filling and sealing an empty cartridge.

Follow these instructions while you are refilling your cartridges:

You should always remember to refill the cartridge before it is completely empty. Buy in bulk to get the printing cartridges at discounted prices.

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