The Commercial Kitchen is the most important part of any hospitality business. Good air circulations, proper ventilation, clean and sufficient cooking utensils, perfect lighting are just a few of the prerequisites of a successful establishment. In today’s environment restaurateurs focus more on the kitchen, hygiene and aesthetics than ever before. The commercial kitchen is an essential factor when starting a restaurant, as the main function of a restaurant is to cook food. The most common mistakes arise in the design of a restaurant kitchen and not providing enough working space in the kitchen area The restaurant kitchen should be spacious and the layout should be logical, not cramped and ill thought out, because at peak service times waiters and chefs will not be able to cope and this will affect the reputation and profitability of the restaurant.

Commercial kitchen design is a difficult task to be performed as the person who builds a commercial kitchen should keep lots of important factors in his mind. A commercial kitchen should be designed with spacious service areas, lots of cabinets and racks should be built for keeping all sorts of cooking materials and should be provided with all essential kitchenware. The type of food you are preparing is another factor which decides the profitability of a restaurant and therefore you should prepare tasty food and use fresh vegetables and other cooking products. The quality of the catering equipment that you use in your restaurant will attract more customers in to your restaurant and will ultimately increase your profitability. While starting a new restaurant you should have to incur a huge amount on catering equipment and supplies, as it is the major factor in starting a restaurant.

Another difficult task in starting a new restaurant is choosing the right catering equipment as different restaurants need different types of catering equipment and you should purchase the right equipment. Quality catering equipment is essential for running a well oiled kitchen and delivering service on time and to the highest standards. You should maintain the catering equipment on a regular basis keeping it clean and hygienic. Today the number of restaurants has been increased to a large extend in almost all parts of the world as people will not have time to spend cooking and they will rely on restaurants on restaurant for sourcing quality food at affordable prices. So if you do not keep you standards high and your prices competitive, there is always the other guy who will!

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