The newest thing is old. From classic TV to retro fashions, nostalgia is in. As we grow older, decades past can seem better and better in our memories, and we look for reminders-in art, in entertainment and in cultural artifacts-that hearken back to the Good Old Days as we remember them.

Vintage advertising imagery is particularly popular. For example, many restaurants display vintage posters and memorabilia on their walls to lend a whimsically decorative touch. More and more Americans are replicating this in their own homes, with ads-as-art growing in popularity every year.

In fact, some ads are art. Over the years, some of America’s best-loved artists, such as Norman Rockwell, Alfred Buell, J.C. Leyendecker and Andrew Loomis, have contributed significantly to companies’ visual legacies and brand identities.

For example, Kellogg Company’s archives department is like a walk through history, documenting a century of American history and social change, including a significant shift in eating habits and family lifestyles. It is a time capsule of nostalgic imagery, evoking emotion, humor, warmth and fond memories. To get a virtual glimpse inside, visit

Now the company is cracking open the vault and tapping into its archive of original artwork, design and packaging. For its 100th anniversary, Kellogg is celebrating the beauty and historical staying power of iconic images such as Cornelius the Rooster and Snap! Crackle! Pop! by partnering with licensees to create nostalgic, vintage merchandise. It will be available through a broad range of retail outlets, allowing consumers of all ages to enjoy and celebrate a century of cereal. Modern-day icons will be reunited with such old friends as Smaxey the Seal and Sugar Pops Pete from the 1940s and Milton “Milty” the Toaster from the 1970s, sure to delight audiences of all ages.

These product lines will combine the nostalgic imagery of the past with the sophisticated design and quality product that you have come to expect.

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