As businesses internationally are seeking out ways to cut costs and streamline their activities, business air charter service providers are making modifications to their fleet in order to cater to the demands of their customers. As a result of this shift, the super mid-sized category of charter aircrafts is quickly growing as the preferred business jet category. The super mid-sized category has been recently introduced and was developed to offer many of the benefits of the bigger heavy jet category of aircrafts at more economical price. Many of the benefits businesses offered by the super mid-sized category are: the extended range of the aircraft, its increased seating capacity and high speed.

One of the fastest growing business jet charter aircrafts in the world is produced by United States based company Cessna. The Cessna Citation X is dominating the mid-sized jet category and for good reason. The Cessna Citation X is the fastest aircraft available for charter and offers business and private aviation users the benefits of non-stop cross country range. In less than 4 hours, a Citation X is capable of flying ten business executives from the executive airport at Van Nuys (VNY) in Southern California to Teterboro Executive Airport (TEB) near downtown New York and Manhattan.

The extended range and lightning quick speed of the Citation X allows it to cruise internationally as well. International charter flights from New York to London at one time required the charter of an expensive heavy jet like a Gulfstream GIV or Challenger 604. This is no longer the case. Not only can the Cessna Citation X fly across the pond; it can do it fast! The typical 6.5 to 7 hour flight can now be flown in just under 6 hours when one chooses to charter a Citation X.

The advantage of the speed and range provided by Cessna’s Citation X not only provide businesses travelers with valuable time savings, but also does so without sacrificing the comfort of a large cabin. The 24 foot long stand up cabin offers a spacious interior that can be configured to seat up to 12 executive travelers. The advanced avionics and aerodynamic design features of Cessna’s Citation X also allow it to utilize a larger number of executive airports than any other large jet; as it is capable of landing safely on a 5,000ft runway.

The ultra high performance statistics of the Cessna Citation X are very attractive selling points to both businesses and air charter providers, but the greatest and possibly most valuable asset this business jet has to offer is the low acquisition and operating costs associated with owning or chartering a Citation X. The purchase of a new Citation X aircraft can be purchased or financed from Cessna for under 20million and can be custom configured to suit your needs. Compare the price of a new Citation X to that of the order of a new Gulfstream G200 at up to 25million; one can instantly why the Citation X is so attractive. The lower acquisition costs of the Citation X translate into lower operating costs for air charter service providers. The impact of low operating costs on the Citation X has fueled the demand for this aircraft in the US business and private air charter market.

Cessna Citation X has led the way in defining luxury business air travel by constantly innovating and improving aircraft design and by providing significant value to their clients.

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