As the business world gets more and more competitive, many professionals are compelled to spend a higher percentage of their time pursuing the daily tasks of their job or profession rather than adding relevant knowledge and skills for the future. Attendance at educational courses, or even half-day seminars, has become prohibitively expensive, not in monetary terms, but in terms of time lost at the desk or with clients. e-learning has evolved as a self-paced educational tool in a bid to use the time available to the busy professional in the most efficient way.

Self-paced online learning is the most relevant and important method available to professionals pursuing the objective of continuing professional development (CPD). However, many e-learning courses on offer take eons to complete and get certified., easily the best amongst the current career oriented e-learning portals, offers short and to the point e-learning courses. With modular learning and no fuss procedures, they do not take up too much valuable time. Imparting relevant knowledge through the multimedia route,’s interactive courses are compiled in an absorbing and pertinent style.

While learning at is a pleasant and informative experience, enrolling is child’s play. Payment is accepted in Euro, US dollars and Sterling, via credit card or Paypal. Payments are processed online so access to the course material is immediate. offers courses in a wide range of domains from financial markets and business skills. These genres are the most competitive in any job market across the globe and the completion of cutting edge CPD sets a professional a breed apart.

CPD courses purchased from are valid for one year giving the learner ample time to complete the course or revise and refresh their knowledge. Course layout is clear and intuitive. Modular and flowing, each course has been designed by professionals from relevant industries, ensuring the content is appropriate and geared towards advancing a professional career. With key concept testing after every chapter and a short test after each module,’s course design ensures that you understand the finer points and key concepts covered.

Continuing Professional Development is a requirement for many professionals across the span of their whole career. All relevant courses are structured to meet the CPD guidelines of professional bodies such as ACCA, ICAEW, ICAI (Ireland), ICAS, CPA, ICAS and CIMA. With courses ranging across subject areas such as accounting, budgeting, investment, financial management and analysis, risk management, money laundering, commodities, project management, sales and business skills, is focused on making the progressive professional the first among equals.

Opting for an e-learning course from will benefit a professional through self-paced, to-the-point learning as per the CPD guidelines of accredited agencies or bodies, effectively driving your career ahead of the competition, whether in practice, financial services or industry.

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