Call center outsourcing is one of the most high-rising industry in our world today. But what really happens in a call center outsourcing center? Primarily, call center outsourcing or contact centers is a service that conduct both inbound and outbound services. They are a function outside of the main company that focus on the services for customers. They can do inbound technical support or customer help or outbound telemarketing services. Some call centers handle several other services. Some do chat services, e-mails, operator services, directory assistance, and many more. So basically when we say “call center” it’s almost the same thing as customer assistance. It is all about the CUSTOMERS!

It is a must for call center companies to keep their customers satisfied. When we say customer satisfaction what comes into mind? Usually it is said that it is making sure that the customer is happy. That is so true! Customer satisfaction is Keeping the customer happy and making them enjoy your full services, when I say enjoy I mean that after serving the customer they will want nothing but to come back and avail of your services again. So, what about customer satisfaction when it comes to call centers? Customer satisfaction works hand in hand with quality in service.

To reach the optimum quality in service by a call center a lot of factors are needed to be considered and managed. The process as a whole should be perfectly planned before trying to implement in a call center. The structure of the whole company or project must be considered, meaning that the plan, the structure of personnel, and possible call flow must be thoroughly studied. Another is the technology that is to be used. Much has to be considered as to what softwares and hardwares are needed for the project to run smoothly. Softwares as to the databases for the campaigns is needed and the tools that are needed or will be needed. Things like several programs, specifically softwares that is made especially for the campaign, for some the dialers that is needed, even the operating system to be used must be thought of. For the hardware, internet connection is to be availed and see if it is able to give the quality that you need especially check if it ca carry out voice transfer and if it is clear. Another is the phones to be used in making calls. Voip or voice over internet protocol is the commonly used nowadays. Lastly the computers that is to be used. Its specifications must be able to carry out the needs of the softwares.

Lastly the trainings of the agents that is going to engage in the calls. They should be really trained with regards to the soft-skills and product. Soft-skills means the agents should be well-trained with regards to the proper use of the language that they are to use, the accent of the said language, call handling and lastly, what data is needed to be gathered at the end of the call. On product, they should be properly trained with regards in using the softwares for the project, information regarding the project and the products, if there are, of the project and some basic things in handling some of the common inquiries about the project.

This factors, if completed, will lead to a high rate of customer satisfaction. If all these things are met by the company then you are assured of, not only satisfied, but happy customers. Still customer satisfaction is not perfect, as the saying goes “you can’t please everybody”. So that basically means that there can never be 100% customer satisfaction. Maybe you can settle with 90% on that!

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