For some reason I have always wondered what data entry was really like. We have all seen at least one TV show or movie with someone in it who did data entry as a living. The person was always portrayed as being massively bored with his/her job, and with a desperate desire to get out and find a better and more glamorous position. Actually didn’t Chandler on friends do data entry for a while?

I always thought that it seemed as if it would be a pretty tedious position and one that causes a lot of carpel tunnel and bad vision, not to mention a bad back from sitting in an invariably uncomfortable chair all day long. It also always seemed as if it was something that a trained monkey could do, not really that complicated or requiring too much brain power.

I am still not 100% sure what it is like. I don’t think I can actually say I know anyone who does data entry, although I must. I mean it has to be a pretty big job class right? I mean every company in the word has data and I am pretty sure most of them need it entered into something at some point in time. There must be a lot of people to do this. Surely someone I have met does this. And actually after my recent discovery that you can do data entry at home I have to say I am considering it.

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