A desk name plate furnishes a professional appearance to any place of work. It perks up the desk and workplace setting. Desk name plates are customized or personalized, so that the customer can choose his own design and description. Desk name plates vary from one customer to another not only in name, designation, logo and address, but also in design and texture. The text of a desk name plate could vary from one line to three lines. Lines may include only the customer’s name, or everything from the customer’s name, designation, and his company’s name and logo. In some cases desk name plates also contain different floral designs. A desk name plate is useful not only for offices, businesses, and stores, but also for houses of worship and wherever else it is considered necessary.

Marble, wood, metal and plastic are some of the various raw materials for desk name plates. Marble and wood can be engraved, whereas metal as well as synthetic name plates can be printed with different dyes, icons, or typefaces. It is up to the customer. Desk name plates can also be detachable from the holder. Holders are often sold separately. Holders of desk name plates could be made of wood, PVC, or anodized aluminum, in triangular or L shapes, or any number of other modes.

Desk name plates can be used in meetings, training sessions, conferences, dinners, and more. They can also display show names, titles, designations, and more. They can also designate seating arrangements at tables on special occasions or at parties.

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