Changing the name did not mean changing the excellent service that the customer receives from a satellite provider. Hugesnet satellite just became more improved. Customers receive high-speed broadband connections that surpass dial up and cable. More people are changing to Hugesnet satellite for their Internet and television needs for many reasons. The Internet speed is the most important reason for choosing satellite Internet. The speeds that you connect at are faster than you can find with any cable or dial up Internet service provider. The fastest speed received with Hugesnet is two Mbps, depending on the ISP provider in your area. Even the lowest speed will be faster than dial up.

With Hugesnet, you will not wait for an Internet connection, as soon as you click the icon, you will see the Internet. The download times for files, music and pictures is done faster than ever. You have no more time to do other things while waiting for downloads to be completed. High-speed broadband is available everywhere a signal can be found. Remote areas now have another option to TV and the Internet through Direct TV and Hugesnet. If you cannot receive DSL or cable in your area, chances are Direct TV will be the answer to your problem.

You will find that Hugesnet satellite has different plans, pricing and installation packages for everyone from a home user to a business office. The high-speed broadband connection is compatible with Macintosh and Windows operating systems. This means everyone can enjoy the faster speeds of the Internet. The Home package will download a four MB audio file in forty-seven seconds, while the Pro downloads the same file in thirty-two seconds. If you have the Pro Plus package, the same download will take twenty-two seconds and dial up will go over five minutes.

With Hugesnet satellite, you can run a home or business network from one single Internet connection. You may need some extra equipment depending on what you plan to do. One thing to keep in mind is that Direct TV and Hugesnet are two separate companies that have combined services to provide the consumer with television and broadband in one package. You will receive a separate bill from each one for payment. What this means is if you cancel Hugesnet, you will still have your satellite TV.

Some of the features you get with Hugesnet satellite are technical support twenty-four hours a day, up to five email accounts and two gigabytes of storage per email account. Spam and virus defense is another feature that everyone needs with an Internet connection. You will find that the other options that Hugesnet offers for a small fee are not found with cable or dial up services. You can choose advanced hosting, blogging, domain parking, static IP address and Express repair within two business days if you need any repairs, which is rare. Satellite Internet connections are faster and stable compared to other services. You just need a dish and a satellite provider such as Direct TV.

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