The research from KBD has also revealed the full extent of the north-south financial divide.

Taking the UK as a whole, the typical household has some £40,000 of disposable wealth, but this figure oscillates wildly depending on where you look – and indeed where you live.

An average London family will possess £81,732 in readily-accessible cash, while the Midlands sees this figure reduced to £31,939 and Scots find themselves cut somewhat adrift with a typical £29,724 waiting to be spent.

The gap, however, is closing – the Scottish figure was in fact a 35 per cent increase on that of 12 months ago while north-westerners and the Welsh, with 32 per cent and 31 per cent rises respectively, also saw notable and much-welcomed rises.

London may top the charts, but its disposable income figure has only escalated by two per cent, while usually-affluent south-westerners only saw a seven per cent appreciation.

Matt Boot, chief analyst at KDB, commented on some of the factors behind these fresh figures.

He said: “Early signs in 2006 show an upturn in housing values along with continued stock market growth, and this has swelled the amount that households can really lay their hands on.

“Although absolute disposable wealth levels per household still show a marked north-south divide, the gap is closing, and the smart money for growth is in the Midlands and above.”

This is heartening news for many Brits – but also indicative of how volatile and changeable such figures can be, with many variables lying behind them. In turn, this shows how carefully-laid spending and saving plans can change due to a variety of factors, be they economic or personal.

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