What sort of party do you want to throw? Are you going to celebrate a special occasion, such as a 20th anniversary, a wedding reception, a retirement, or do you just feel like getting together with some friends and family. Parties can be just a few people over for some drinks and good food to an elegant wedding reception at a five star resort. A friendly group of people, good food, a comfortable setting is all you need to throw a party.

Parties are as old as fire. People have been coming together to share food, engage in conversation for ages. Young and old, rich and poor have been inviting each other to party with each other throughout history. Sharing food, at home or elsewhere, is just as old as civilization. Parties are among the activities that tie us together as people. Without exception, every holiday, special occasion, or celebration is centered around the sharing of food, company, and conversation.

Rituals and traditions guide and emphasize a lot of the celebrations people have come to love. Some, like the birth of a child, weddings, and death are rites of passage. Others, such a New Years, Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving focus on secular and religious holidays take place at certain times of the year. Still others, such as the Oscars, the Super Bowl, are special events that present a chance to gather together with friends and family members of similar interest. We not only celebrate the occasion but the opportunity to be together with people we care about.

As you get ready to plan a party you have to ask yourself whether or not you enjoy to party. While you may find it hard to believe, many people don’t enjoy parties. There is nothing wrong with not caring for entertaining, but you have to know this about yourself. You may be afraid something will go wrong, or that you forget something, or you don’t enjoy to have too many people at your house, whatever the reason may be, you need to know if parties are for you or not.

Having people in your home is a private event. Your home is part of you, and what happens there is going to have a lot to do with your overall mood. We all are different, and we all have our own preference about parties. What’s yours?

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